Hi. My name is Lindsey Sandefur and I would like to introduce you to Solo Diner. I created Solo Diner after I invented the twin version of my product, Table for Two. As the proud mom of beautiful identical twin girls, London and Leyton, I invented Table for Two out of sheer need! Just like most newborns, especially preemies, my daughters had horrible acid reflux, and screamed during and after bottle-feeding. Trying to hold them upright for an hour after they ate so they would not spit up became a huge challenge. Bringing our car seats in and out of the house, to the grocery store and to doctor’s appointments was not only time consuming and exhausting, but also unsanitary. We quickly found that bouncy seats made the reflux worse because the positioning and the movement "bounced" the milk right back up!

Since its launch in 2012, Table for Two has been such a tremendous success that parents began asking for a single version to address acid reflux as well as their own feeding fatigue – and ta-da! Solo Diner was born!

Solo Diner is not only your "say no to reflux" seat, but a lounger so comfortable it will be your baby’s favorite seat in the house!

For easier feeding, better digestion and convenient portability, Solo Diner is the perfect feeding station and a stylish lounger!