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I have been desperately searching for a nap nanny alternative.  When a friend told me about Solo Diner, I could not order it fast enough! My daughter has horrible acid reflux she has to sit upright during and after feedings. Solo Diner has been an AMAZING help and the icing on the cake is it is the cutest seat ever! I call it my nap nanny on steroids!

-Amy, mom of Lulu

I received this as a gift for my baby shower and it is honestly the best gift I received! My baby has never liked to swing or bounce and he always spits up when we tried to put him in them. Solo Diner is his favorite place to chill!!

-Aura, mom of Cooper

Total Lifesaver!!!! Thank you Solo Diner!

-Cherstin, mom to Holland

I am a stay at home dad and I was literally losing my mind because Easton would scream non stop during and after his bottles.  I heard about Solo Diner online and although a little skeptical to pay that much, I was desperate to help my son feel better (and for my own sanity!) so decided to give it a try. I can 100% attest that it is worth every penny.  Totally helps with digestion and reflux! I strongly recommend this product!

-Sean, dad to Kyle

I have to say that Solo Diner is definitely my favorite baby product! It makes bottle-feeding so easy and comfortable! Happy baby, happy mommy!!

-Stacie, mom to Bailey